Day 0 – Trying to do all the things.

California resupply boxes packed, stacked and labelled De Wolff-style.

In which everything comes together all at once (and falls apart a little bit). Resupply boxes packed and distributed to a support team of amazing friends (thank you Barbara, Ivana, Emily and John!). Last minute Skype interviews with exciting possibilities for next year. Advisor meeting, and more job applications. Mailing address changes and final house packing. Crazy rounds of semi-temporary goodbyes with good friends, and the permanent leaving of a graduate student apartment where I have lived for the last eight (yes, eight!) years. And that’s just since 9am today. Add in a weekend of family wedding time in Canada, more job interviews and life has been teetering on the insane.

But tomorrow, I walk.

There will just be me and a path, a map and the contents of my pack. And 2650 miles. And a whole community to meet. And scorpions and snakes and bears. And dead lizard water to drink. And a drought to write about. But I am too tired to be nervous, too busy too fret. I know that my shoes fit (for now), that there will be challenges I cannot possibly imagine. And that I can do this.

An important reminder to those following along: phone service is intermittent at best along the trail. I will also likely be delaying blog posts to keep my location a bit more private as well. So, a lack of updates for few days or even a week is to be expected. And yes, I have a fancy little satellite device for checking in with family, but these too can fail it it’s cloudy, or batteries die. Or there are too many trees. So no panicking!

Just a few more things to do, and a few more to admit will not be done. And then the trail that connects all my homes.


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