Day 22 Eating Wright

Miles: Zero
Total: 369.4
Water: iced tea, coconut water, water jug at trail angel’s house

Today is my first chosen zero – a day without hiking any trail miles. And not because of a snowstorm. The last few days have felt like a slog, the fun bits too far between and I am overdue for a rest. Especially after the hill without end. 

The mission today involves eating. And resupplying food. And eating some more. Also blogging and other real life chores. The academic world will not wait for me to walk all the way to Canada. There’s a conference panel acceptance to share, a journal article to revise and, most happily of all, a job for the end of summer.
Mid morning we saunter over for a late breakfast at the Grizzly Cafe. I polish off a three egg omelet stuffed with all kinds of veggies, a huge pile of potatoes, toast, with proper salsa and a giant glass of raspberry iced tea on the side. So good. And happy hiker-loving service too.
Stuffed, we cross the street and hang out behind the Hardware store. The hiker box, where people leave bits and pieces they don’t want to carry, has drawn a small crowd. Some are mailing out gear no longer working or needed. Other are just hanging. A trail friend shows up with cold Tecate and we drink and catch up and meet more hikers we have not met before. We talk to one couple who met and were married on the Appalachian trail. Shenanigans realizes, much to her surprise, that she was actually at the wedding. Again I get the sense we are gaining on the ‘herd,’ with groups that began at kickoff, two weeks before we did. It almost feels crowded, and locals confirm this is the busiest Wrightwood has been with hikers all year. 
At the grocery store I buy bits and pieces to complete my resupply. I make many, many laps wandering the aisles, taking my choice of wheat thin flavors as serious business (multigrain today). Then we sit in front of the grocery store, where there are tables for hikers and eat some more. I polish off an entire bag of ginger cookies. 
Back at the house, Sue (who magically appeared with the car just as we were ready to leave town) serves up a delicious spaghetti dinner with giant bowls of watermelon and honeydew. I do not have enough thank yous for the many people who have been helping us in so many ways. But thank you again to Mike and Sue who I hope are now reading along.


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