1494 Feeling Legit in Castella

At the highway we head our separate ways, with packages in three different towns and plans to meet up in Dunsmuir if we can. I have a road walk to a campground store, having chosen in advance the option that does not require hitchhiking alone on the I5.

At the market, there’s a big pile of resupply boxes by the door, which makes me all smiley. Seeing the De Wolff box bestows a kind of legitimacy to my hike that somehow walking 82 miles itself does not. There are two women at the store wearing shiny clean hiking clothes and sturdy boots. Day hikers, giggling and taking pictures of the boxes. Diane and Anne, I soon learn, are exploring the area and also happen to have just topped up the communal hiker box with the most amazing supplies (toothpaste, tampons, baby wipes, chapstick, sunscreen and cliff bars — so much goodness in hiker-sized packaging!) Trail Angels! My first this year.


Anne asks if I need anything, and they offer to give me a ride to Dunsmuir after their short hike, saving me from hitching alone at a gas station on the I5.

I spend the time drinking cold beverages and sorting my resupply. I have so overestimated my hunger in the heat of this first week that I have enough excess to justify mailing an entire box of food home. It seems I get to make some newbie mistakes again. Hopefully not all of them.

I walk outside and “Hey, Fixie!” comes the call across the parking lot. Feeling even more like a thru hiker again. It’s Atlantis and K2 from day one who I didn’t think I’d see again. They had to wait overnight for the post office to open. I did bigger days than anticipated.

Dunsmuir is a sleepy town, and my time is spent in usual town ways. Laundry and showering and eating and drinking. In this case, a Blood, Sweat, & Tears IPA that has thru hiker written all over it, and an excellent salad at the Dunsmuir Brewery Works. This little town definitely has some good things going on. (But the selection at the small grocery store is not one of them).

Unfortunately, most of my relax time was consumed with a crashing WordPress app. Much frustration ensued, and a plan was initiated for Stephen, AKA my vicarious hiking beard, to take over the actual posting and formatting for the moment. Until the app updates, or I am able to otherwise sort things out. Apologies for a slow start, some glitchy double posts, and weird formatting in the meantime.

June 24, 2016
Miles: 5 PCT + 2.5 to the store
Total: 82
PCT: 1499


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