1715 Ashland Zero

Shuffles, Dribbles and Speed hike out after breakfast. With their own zero days planned and people to meet in the days ahead, I am sure I will catch them soon. For now I need my day off, to rest feet sore from 300 miles of walking without a real break.

I spend the day replacing gear; new tips for trekking poles ground to a bare nub; new shoes to combat sore feet; and clean new sun gloves for morale.

And of course there is food. My favorite farmer’s market vegan chocolates and smoked salmon from Portland. A memorable Indonesian lunch at Blue Toba (seriously worth checking out), and more coop favorites for dinner: the salads and cashew cheese and almond coconut milk and soy yogurt and nectarines that I crave while on trail.

A second night’s rest in a comfy bed, all content and at home with Callahans warm, laid back feel, and a doggie all snuggled up at my feet.IMG_7017


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