JOHN MUIR TRAIL, 2014. My first solo hike.

SOBO JMT Photos August/September 2014
NOBO Overlap with the PCT 2015 starts here

PACIFIC CREST TRAIL, 2015 Campo to Burney Falls. May 5-July 31.

Part I: The Desert

Day 1 Quiet Miles and a Noisy Night
Day 2 Under the 8 and into the Clouds
Day 3 An Unexpected Town Vortex
Day 4 Snow Day Dance Party
Day 5 My First 20
Day 6 Trail Magic is Magic
Day 7 Mile 100 and Clean Hopes
Day 8 Roads More and Less Traveled
Day 9 Fixie the One-Speed Pixie of the PCT
Day 10 Storm Troopers in Paradise
Day 11 Zero Fail
Day 12 Adventures in Snowcal
Day 13 Escher Prison and a Hiker Oasis
Day 14 Water in the Desert
Day 15 Wild Poodle Dog and Caged Bears
Day 16 Pajama Day in Big Bear
Day 17 The Crack of Noon
Day 18 Hiker Train to Deep Creek Hot Springs
Day 19 Triple Threats on the Downhill
Day 20 McWater Source
Day 21 The Hills Have Hills
Day 22 Eating Wright
Day 23 Switching Things Up, Up, Up
Day 24 Road Walking for the Frogs
Day 25 So Hot, So Poodle, So Tired
Day 26 Double Magic to the KOA
Day 27 Chillin’ in Agua Dulce
Day 28 Two Moons
Day 29 Slow and Lazy Gets the Moonrise
Day 30 Drought Walking in the Valley of the Wind
Day 31 SoCal Special
Day 32 Slackpackers to Mojave
Day 33 Giving in to the Zero
Day 34 Spring Break
Day 35 Operation Hydration
Day 36 The Desert is Kind
Day 37 Reunions on a Windy Ridge. And an Orange
Day 38 Snaking Toward Kennedy Meadows
Day 39 I Will Survive

Part II: The Sierra

Day 40 Escaping the Vortex, Heading for the Hills
Day 41 Resting Peacefully in Death Canyon
Day 42 Walking to New Heights
Day 43 Magical Meadows and Familiar Sites
Day 44 Walking the Impassible, Winter with Flowers
Day 45 Inyo Forest, Hiking Yo Trails
Day 46 The Sierras are Winning
Day 47 Chasing Marmots
Day 48 Solstice. I’m Doing it Right.
Day 49 Hello Dario! Ranger Day in Evolution Valley
Day 50 The Mosquitoes Strike Back
Day 51 Mammoth Achievements
Day 52 Buying All the Things
Day 53 In Which I Realize I am Brave
Day 54 Tuolumne Hustle. And a Marmot
Day 55 Smoke and Meadows
Day 56 Lightning Restarts a Tired Heart
Day 57 I Met a Bear
Day 58 A Thousand Miles for Lunch
Day 59 Sonora Magic to Davis
Day 60 Baking in Davis
Day 61 The Journey Back
Day 62 Blooming Hills
Day 63 Feeling Electric and a Bit Exposed
Day 64 On the Ambiguity of Phone Service
Day 65 Rainy Day Detour
Day 66 Warm in the Storm
Day 67 Beer and/on/over Dicks
Day 68 My Fears, Mansplained
Day 69 Section K is for Kindness

Part III: NorCal

Day 70 Railways and Rolling Hills
Day 71 Heading Down to the City
Day 72 Sierra City. We are Caribou
Day 73 An Unexpected Tour
Time Out Merced
Day 74 Back at it, the Sky and I
Day 75 Slowly, Northward, Slowly
Day 76 Water Bubbles
Day 77 Up All Day, Up All Night
Day 78 Passing Comical Trees
Day 79 Gifts of the Ascent
Day 80 Halfway Everywhere
Day 81 Drakesbad Style
Day 82 Feeling the Burn
Day 83 A Desert in the Sky
Day 84 Cache 22
Day 85 A Grand Pause

PACIFIC CREST TRAIL, 2016. Burney Falls –> Cascade Locks

I am a LASHER Now
1416 In Medias Res
1425 Make Your Own Solstice
1466 Making Friends with Speed
1468 Afternoon of a Faun
1480 Feeling Legit in Castella
1498 A Little Bit Rattled
1516 A Glorious Day
1543 The Trinity Alps, With Gusto
1566 To Russia, With Love
1591 Etna Mode
1597 A Most Beautiful Sufferfest
1621 I Thought There Would Be Dragons
1647 Peaceful Valley
1656 Climbing Toward Rumors of Oregon
1677 Oregon Border Magic for America Day

Part IV: Oregon

1700 Rest and Reunions at Callahans
1715 Ashland Zero
1715 Strawberry Hills Forever
1740 On A Grey Day, the Trail Provides
1761 Weaving Through a Horizontal Forest
1788 Humbled by Winter in July
1810 Crate Lake of Tears
2094 A New Direction
2080 The Blueberry Miles of My Dreams. And a Thunderstorm
2052 Meeting the Storm Angel
2030 Beauty and the Burn
2002 Finding Friends at Camp
1993 The Path to Sisters is Paved in Gold
1974 My Siblings are Mountains
1951 Doing the Mosquito Dash
1923 Shelter Cove for Now
2094 North Again, Alone Again
2098 Thirty + One
2130 Bridge of the Gods

RED PEAK PASS LOOP, Yosemite, October 2015.

Day 1 My Solo Hiking Edge
Day 2 Amaze-Miles of Solitude. And the Merced River Headwaters
Day 3-4 Down the Merced, Toward the People
Let’s Hike! Trip Advice


1: Bison in the Mist
2: Sky to Sea to Sea
3: Beach Day
4: The High Road


TORRES DEL PAINE, Chile, December 2016 (Coming Soon!)

HUEMUL CIRCUIT, Argentina, January 2017 (Coming soon!)